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Carolyn Gable

The Miracle Path by Carolyn J. Gable & David A Rohr

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This beautiful book is filled with journal entries from over 12,000 people who walked the Miracle Path in Lake Geneva, WI and left their words and little bit of their hearts in the notebook of hope.

As a struggling waitress and single mom, Carolyn worked tirelessly so she and her children can enjoy a few days in Lake Geneva, WI each summer. During these visits she would often walk around the lake gazing at the incredible mansion during the shoreline. Year after year she would say a silent prayer that she wanted to own a house on the lake someday and if that day ever arrived she would make the house welcoming to all. Twenty years later the prayer has been answered, she purchased the house located at 700 South Lakeshore Dr. now had to uphold her end of the promise...

Immediately after purchasing the home she had "Expect Miracle" incorporated across the front gate. After receiving extremely positive feedback from complete strangers and how those simple words gave them the strength to persevere she set her focus on the walking path by the lake. In 2008 Carolyn hired a muralist paint famous quotations on the planks of the fence, the response from visitors to the path was extraordinary! A year later she added a notebook inviting visitors to write whatever their heart desired. She also had a brass bell with the only instruction to ring it and make miracles happen. This book is a collection of some of the fence quotations and journal entries from the 12,000 people who have left their words and a little bit of their hearts in the notebook of hope. Expect A Miracle!

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