Carolyn Gable

Carolyn Gable

Carolyn has coached and inspired countless individuals, leaders and groups to overcome obstacles, beat the odds and succeed.

As the Founder & CEO of a multi-million-dollar logistics firm, New Age Transportation, Carolyn’s road to success was most unlikely. With no money for college, she became a beautician, only to realize she had little interest in the trade. She resorted to waitressing and while serving high-profile business executives, Carolyn vowed she would someday walk in their shoes instead of the 4-inch heels her job required. As a single mother, working for tips was simply not enough to cover rent and feed her children. Something had to change.

The change occurred when Carolyn boldly walked into an employment office and requested a job in sales at a freight company. Instead, she was hired as an entry level receptionist. Entering this highly male-dominated industry, Carolyn dedicated herself to mastering the business and soon rose to that sales position. Within a few years, she daringly launched her own business, New Age Transportation, Distribution & Warehousing, Inc.

From very modest beginnings in her small apartment kitchen, New Age grew exponentially, due to Carolyn’s tenacity and drive!

As her business flourished, Carolyn never forgot the struggles she endured as a single mother. She established the Expect A Miracle Foundation to provide resources to single working parents for their children’s extracurricular activities, that has supported over 8,000 children. Carolyn also founded the Believe Project, that gives kindness, inspiration and $100 each day to a deserving neighbor in need.

A dynamic and acclaimed author, in Everything I Know as a CEO I Learned as a Waitress, Carolyn shares her principles for professional and personal success. In The Miracle Path, she captures the hope, strength, and courage of others as they pursue their own personal miracles.

Carolyn’s many awards include President George W. Bush’s Points of Light, Regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and the WBDC Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year. Carolyn was a featured speaker at TEDxBerkeley 2015, presenting her talk titled “It’s All Going To Be Okay”. She has also been the subject of numerous television and print media stories, including ABC’s 20/20 “The Millionaire Mind”.